Thursday, January 21, 2010

The seizure of our time...

While I can appreciate any of you sticking up for the Democrats, I do implore you to take a look at what they are doing right now. Well, I guess I think you should be looking at what they have been doing for the past year.

I think right now in this country if you are a backer of ANY political party you better get current with what they are doing for you. I think you should become educated about their platform on current issues before you spend any time telling others how great they are. It is tough to tell people how a political group is fighting for your beliefs when in reality, they really aren't. Along with this, you pronounce yourself a fool when you speak to others that are educated about current politics and blindly stick up for a group that no longer expresses the ideas you cherish.

It is a great, difficult thing to have a set of beliefs to live by. It is an even more difficult thing to stick by them when they are not a popular set of beliefs. It takes great courage and even greater moxie to tote unpopular beliefs when they are criticized. It is a respectable thing. But, I don't think the core beliefs of the Democrat party are represented in the government any longer.

The Obama administration doesn't deserve our respect. They don't deserve our applause. Mr. Obama is quite a good public speaker and a showman, but he has lied directly to the American public time and time again. From his claim to broadcast healthcare legislation on C-Span to his promise that 90% of the jobs created with his "stimulus" package would be in the private sector (needed for the bill's passing) his presidency has been one of lies. How about his criticism of the presence of lobbyists in the Bush administration, then his administration followed it by appointing even more. He criticized Bush for his budget and promised to end deficit spending, but then when elected he quadrupled the deficit and is asking for trillions more. The list goes on and on.

Before you blame this on somebody else (Obama is GREAT at this) realize that nobody was at the reigns of this country other than the president you elected when this all happened. You are a fool to continue to support him when he lies right to your face. You are a fool to not be a critic of his performance.

There are people out there that want to make this all about race and that is maybe closer to the truth than any of us would like to think. On one side of the coin there are people that don't want Obama to succeed solely because he is black. These people don't care if he is the best man for the job or not, they just want him to fail because of the color of his skin. These people are racist and assume that if you are a supporter of Obama, you don't agree with what white America stands for. Maybe these people endorse Harry Reid's "negro" comments. I am sure this is true.

On the other side of the coin there are people that desperately want Obama to succeed only because he is black. These people also don't care if he is even remotely good at the job, because they will back him solely based on the color of his skin. They desperately want him to succeed because of the the color of his skin. Even if his ideas are poor ideas, if you don't like them, then you are a racist. This is racism just the same. It becomes a popularity contest with these people and they are so sensitive to his race that if you are of the opinion that he is doing a poor job, they INSIST that you are a racist. I also know this to be true.

Most Americans that don't support him don't fall into either of these categories, but sometimes get labeled as such. Keep in mind, for the most part we ALL want him to succeed. Keep in mind that he works for us.

Mr. Obama works for you and I. It isn't the other way around. He does not DESERVE anything he hasn't earned. He does not deserve your respect and support. He needs to EARN your respect and support. But, he is truly his OWN worst enemy.

He gained your trust when he was campaigning, didn't he? He offered a palate of hope. A chance for a change. A promise of smaller government, less debt, more money for everyone and a decent paying job for every American worker. Lies. Lies. Lies. He even had control of the House and Senate to push his programs that were going to help us out. He has had a YEAR of control of the government but has gone back on his stances and failed to accomplish anything other than divide America further and spend us into unbelievable debt. You should consider how he has failed the American people in almost every claim or promise during his campaign. It is too bad in actual job performance, he is a failure. Sooner or later, he will have to face facts and admit that it is NOT Bush's fault.

If you like to be lied to, he is your man. If you like a politician to not take any responsibility for ANY action he created or failed to stop, he is your man. If you like you childrens' children's money being spent without any concrete signs of a better life for us or them, stick with Obama. If you like a government that wants to charge you a fee to be a citizen of this country (Obamacare), keep following him. Most of all, if you like somebody that says one thing but does almost exactly the other and spends all of our money either way, keep singin' "Go Obama!"

If you would like freedom in this country, you should look somewhere else. If you like small government and financial responsibility (personally and for business), you should look elsewhere. If you want to endorse a politician that actually does what they say they will do, Obama is not for you. I don't know who is. It seems in this day and age almost all the politicians are self serving and corrupt. But, when they write in the history books about this time in our country it is our time. Let's make our time a time to remember and not a time of more government corruption and lies.

Don't be naive. You can't afford to be. I can't afford to be. America can't afford to be. Your kids can't afford for you to be.

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