Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Putting the "toy" in Toyota?

Being the conspiracy theorist I am, I had a couple thoughts. I KNOW Barack Obama is far and beyond the worst president in American history. I KNOW the corrupt power of the current Democrat party leaders see no limits on abuses. I KNOW that the people in power in our government will go to almost ANY length to prove themselves correct and needed disregarding any morality or decency. I know this to be true. They have proven it again and again.

Do you suppose the Toyota recall is staged? I mean, what better way to PROVE that labor unions are the best way to be employed than to layoff non-union laborers from 6 automotive manufacturing plants and leave them without the extra benefits union employees get? What better way to PROVE we need Obamacare than have these workers lose medical benefits when unemployed because they don't have the big, wet, loving arms of Obamacare to keep them safe? What better way for General Motors and Chrysler Corp. to poach top Toyota workers at a reduced rate of pay? What better way to jump start a destroyed U.S. auto market (including government owned General Motors and Chrysler Corp.) than by eliminating the biggest competition (and thus MAYBE selling a bunch of GM's and Dodges)? What better way to imply that union run auto manufacturing companies make less mistakes and turn out higher quality products? What better way to PROVE that the automotive bailouts were a "great" idea? What better way to sway a sinking public opinion of the Democratic party's recently passed legislation than forcing a success out of it at Toyota's expense?

This really would not be very far fetched for this current administration. The Obama administration has been one of lies, empty promises, distorted truths, blame placing, and failure. The Obama administration truly has nothing to lose and everything to gain in this scenario.

What would stop them from doing this? Toyota IS acting as recommended by the United States government.

One thing should be said about Toyota. They stated that the "faulty" gas pedals were made by a U.S. company. They named the company. They left it at that. They are a class act for not jumping right into the finger-pointing that we have become so used to these days. It is refreshing.

Who knows? Maybe it is just me. Maybe I need to be more believing. Maybe Obama can give me some "hope" rather than just "change" from my dollars. Then again, maybe I just don't trust people that say one thing and do another.

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