Tuesday, May 25, 2010

This is a good start.

Here's the scoop for today:


Too bad for the Texas Rangers. But seriously, is ANY player of ANY sport worth $252 million dollars? I have two words for you. FUCK NO.

The ridiculous prices we have to pay for gear ($85 for a jersey? IT'S A SHIRT MADE OUT OF GYM TEACHER'S SHORTS!), to watch the games at the stadium, the $9 hot dogs and the $9 sodas are ALL because of these players ridiculous salaries.

I don't care what sport they play. I don't care what position they play. There simply is no player that is worth the sort of money these people get paid.

In reality, a few of these player's excess salaries could pay off our state's budget deficit.

Do you know how many people could be fed with $1 million dollars let alone $50 million, or maybe even $100 million?

How many people's mortgages could be PAID OFF with just a small portion of that money? Imagine that economic stimulus. If we didn't have to pay for our homes, we would all spend more money on other things.

Piss on you, professional athletes. You will never get a penny from me if I can help it. I think you are incredibly talented, but I am not willing to help pay your preposterous income. Your ability to play your sport is incredible, but it is maybe only a 1 out of 100,000 type of thing. On your best day it is a 1 out of 200,000 thing. It has never been and never will be a 1 out of 252 million talent.

As a side note in regards to the professional athletes: Maybe they should consider finishing school before becoming a professional star. It seems for the most part that they could be helped a lot by some money management classes since most of them are broke a few years after retirement anyway. Just food for thought.

I suppose now there will be a government bailout for the Texas Rangers? Seriously, it would be great if they didn't get bought. It would be great it they just locked up the doors and shut the operation down. It would be terrible for the people they employ, but it might become a wake up call for the rest of the professional sports world.

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