Friday, May 21, 2010

All good things.

These are things that I have seen in the last couple weeks that are finally here and that are good.

1. June bugs. On the Harley, June bugs are not very good. On the Harley, June bugs are at the very least messy and usually quite painful. But, buzzing against the screen of my open window, they are good.

2. Dandelions. These are more or less the bane of my lawn growing existence. I chop them. I cut them. I mow them. I spray them. I spray them again. I curse their name. I hate them. Yet, they are good.

3. The smell of freshly cut grass. Not marijuana. Grass as in lawn. Well, grass as in somebody else's freshly cut lawn since I surely don't want to ever cut mine again. Also, mine doesn't smell as good freshly cut as somebody else's does since mine is so full of creeping charlie and dandelions (see above).

4. Sunshine. I love it. I am a pale, pale man so I get sunburned very easily, but I still love it. Also, I think since I am 36 now, I don't really need to worry about my "youthful" appearing skin, so I can stand a little color. Since I have Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) I realize that every fall and winter I am going to be a little blue and much less energetic. But, each new year I am still surprised at how good the sun feels on my pale, dead-looking skin.

5. Wind in my face. This comes in many forms. Up until this summer, it came in a form of my Mustang convertible. But alas, slow economy has forced that car on down the road. Now though, I have the golf cart and my Harley that I can use to get some wind in my face. There is little like the smell of the spring unbridled by a car's interior.

6. Flowers. I know, I know it sounds a little fishy. I love fresh growing flowers. I love watching their progress as the work their way out of the dirt and sprout into a new summer bloom. It is a little gay to be a guy and like flowers, but still a good thing.
7. Corn on the cob. I love corn on the cob, but until it becomes grilling season, I never buy it. I know much of it comes from different parts of the country, but it feels fresher when cooked and eaten in the warm weather. I really prefer the sweet corn my brother grows over any other, but I bought some last week at Cub and made it on the grill. It wasn't very sweet corn, but it was still good.

8. Exhaust fumes. I know they maybe aren't the best for the environment or my body, but I like them nonetheless. I don't care for catalytic-converter high-emission standard exhaust fumes. I like good ol' dead-dinosaur-remains-falling-out-the-tailpipe exhaust fumes. Do you know the kind? They smell somewhat like cigarette smoker Listerine breath, but just a little. They smell dirty but yet clean. They smell almost medicinal. They bring a smile to my face and water to my eyes. That's right, water. Not tears.

I love summer. It is about time.

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