Wednesday, May 5, 2010


I spoke to one of my friends a few weeks ago and I hadn't talked to him for a while. He, not unlike me, has felt the crunch of the slow economy. He has replaced his luxurious vehicles with able but cheaper ones, not unlike me. Him and I both live very similar lives.

In his quest for financial survival despite poor economic times, he sold his sweet truck and purchased a car that he can still haul stuff in. I was teasing him about it the other night because compared to his truck, this car is really pretty lame. In my teasing, I told him he better make sure he has new wiper blades, because the women will be throwing their clothes off at him when they see him coming (because he has such a hot ride).

He scoffed at me. He told me he really isn't that interested in sex. He told me he hasn't had sex in three months. He said he sure as hell doesn't want to risk a pregnancy over sex. He said he really doesn't even think about sex at all. He said he doesn't miss it.

He lives with his girlfriend of about 8 years.

It would seem that excess stress is the killer of the sex drive.

No wonder the divorce rate is so high.


  1. I thought wedding cake was the killer of the sex drive?

  2. He probably ate some wedding cake. I never thought of that! Now, it all makes sense.