Wednesday, March 31, 2010

12 minutes.

The driver's seat is usually full of douche with high end import cars. This is proven to me almost daily.

I had a guy (I'll call him Neil) call Monday morning to get his summer tires put on his car at my shop. Neil said he had his winter tires on his car now and was concerned that the warmer weather forecast for this week may cause then to wear excessively. I told Neil that I was too busy to get him right in and do it today (Monday) and would prefer to swap his tires Tuesday instead because I didn't want him to be waiting around. He insisted that I do it Monday. He said he would be there at 1PM. He didn't ask if I had that time available, he told me that was when he was coming. I told him that I would do the best that I could to take care of him, and reminded him that I was really busy and would rather do it Tuesday. The day wore on and 1 pm came around and he wasn't there. I decided to help another customer (I'll call him Bob) and switch a couple tires for him since Bob was there waiting and Neil was not there yet. I got started on working for Bob and at about 1:10 the Neil showed up. He announced his arrival and said his car was ready. I told him I would be right with him after I finished up which Bob's tires. I mounted a tire for Bob and the guy from the local newspaper showed up and needed me to load up some boxes of flyer inserts (for my advertising) for him. I finished loading up my flyer inserts and headed back into the shop to finish up with Bob. Then, the phone rang and I had to run up front and quote a tire for a different customer. I finished my quote and then headed back to finish up Bob's tires. I got Bob's tires mounted and one of them balanced. I had one left to balance and I would be done with work on Bob's truck. Neil walks back into the shop and asks how long it will be. I told him that I will be starting on his car in just a couple minutes. Neil said he has to get back to work. I told him that my Expedition is outside and the keys are in it. If it would work better for him, he could borrow it to get back to work and return it after work. I was sure I would be done swapping his tires out by then. Neil asks again how long it will be until his car is done. I told him as soon as I get started, it will probably take me about 30-45 minutes. I apologized for the delay. Neil said "Didn't I tell you I was coming at 1?!?" He was fuming. I apologized again and told Neil that I am alone in my shop, so interruptions slow me down. I reminded Neil again that he could take my truck if he wanted and that I was going as fast as I can. He said "This is completely unacceptable. This is bullshit! When I said 1pm, I meant I wanted my car worked on at 1pm!" I apologized again, but he stomped off pissed.

Neil was driving a Lexus. No drought of douche in that driver's seat.

When Neil left my shop it was 1:22pm. Neil was at my shop for exactly 12 minutes. It would seem that it takes exactly 12 minutes of delay to piss off a Lexus owner so badly that they are liable to swear and stomp out pissed off. I guess I will never understand how important the events of a Lexus driver's day are. I am sure they must be WAY more important than the events of the nice man (Bob) that was driving the Dodge. I am truly sorry that the red carpet was at the cleaners. Although patience is a virtue, being a prick is just plain old second nature to a Lexus driver.

What's the difference between a high-end import driver and a porcupine? With a porcupine the pricks are on the outside.


  1. that guy needs to listen, your not a robot its your fault he came in late in the first place. and secondly you told him it will be done by tuesday and yet he insisted. what an A**345. you should have not accepted is appointment.

  2. This is laughable, although I must admit I have met many a "Lexus Driver" perched in cheaper cars. I think it is the ego we have created by being too PC the last fifteen years. It was only a matter of time before our children become animals and our neighbors become tyrants.


  3. I love to see the damage that I have caused to freedom and society. I may be dead but my army of mindless hippies will soon swallow all rational thought, and then the world will belong to the biggest business ever created, the United States government. Thanks Obama!

    Saul Alinsky