Friday, March 12, 2010

Weak. Week.

There truly is never a dull moment.

This week:

I listened to a heart wrenching story about a friend's friends' daughter that was killed on the road by a car. She was 6. Her mother was sleeping on the couch and not watching her (she was tired) and her siblings let her wander out onto the road. What a tragedy. What a joke her mother is. WATCH YOUR GODDAMN KIDS YOU STUPID SLEEPY BASTARDS! WHAT THE FUCK IS THE MATTER WITH YOU?!? YOU SHOULD BE CHARGED WITH A CRIME!

I listened to a terrible story of loss for a friend that is in dire need of money and is likely to lose his house. This truly sucks. While he has been working and taking care of his kid, his wife has been out fucking everything in this and the surrounding zip codes. She hasn't lived in "their" house for almost 3 years and hasn't spent a dime to help service the debt from it. She hasn't gotten divorced from him. She has been given cash from her parents and has blown it on drinking, drugs and her jobless party-girl lifestyle. He is screwed. But, who fault is it now? Is it his for not finishing the legality of their marriage? Or is it hers? Love is blind, deaf, and fucking dumb because he is still in love with her despite it all. She doesn't want to hang out with him anymore because it isn't as convenient as it was in the past. Now, he can't qualify for cheap financing or refinancing programs because he is still married to her and the bank uses both of their incomes. So, now he can lose his house and go fuck himself. IF YOU ARE OFF FUCKING AROUND ON YOUR WIFE OR HUSBAND AND YOU AREN'T LIVING TOGETHER FOR MORE THAN A FEW MONTHS, GET A DIVORCE AND GET ON WITH YOUR LIFE. DON'T FUCK YOU LIFE OVER FOR SOME LOWLIFE THAT WILL TRADE YOUR LIFELONG COMPANIONSHIP FOR SOME CHEAP SEX.

I was contacted by two ex-girlfriends. I worked on one of their cars. The other one texted me and I had no idea who it even was until she signed her name on the text. Her number hasn't been in my phone for a year. Maybe I am a total prick, but when I broke up with them, I really didn't plan on having much along the lines of future conversations with them. I wish them no ill will by any means and the breakups weren't bitter or hostile, but I have really no desire to talk to them again. I really have no reason to. I appreciate the business from the one that needed car repairs, but that is all it ever will be. The other one I wish well, but she can feel free to never contact me again. I have a steady girlfriend now that would not appreciate contact from women from my past any more than I would appreciate the same thing from her ex-boyfriends or ex-husband. There really is no reason for it. WHEN YOU BREAKUP WITH SOMEBODY YOU ARE DATING AND YOU DON'T HAVE KIDS TOGETHER, THERE REALLY IS ZERO REASON TO CONTACT THEM YEARS LATER TO TRY TO MAKE FRIENDS OR "SEE HOW THINGS ARE." LET SLEEPING DOGS LIE AND GET ON WITH YOUR LIFE. THERE IS A REASON(S) THAT YOU DON'T DATE THAT PERSON ANYMORE. CHRIST.

I watched more money get paid to people that don't deserve it and fabricated a story of lies. Watched another person claim to be owned something by me for "damages." What a joke our legal system is. What a bunch of rotten liars some people are. Again, I hope karma is the real bitch everyone says it is. When liars, cheats, and thieves are rewarded financially for being said beings, our legal systems fail. The saddest part of it all is these people can't manage money in any way. They could be given very, very large sums on money and still have it all pissed away in a very short time with nothing to show for it. But, they can threaten. They can obtain legal representation. They can do many, many devious things. They can use they system the was intended to protect the innocent and the honest to line their own pockets. They can feed on human compassion and human pity for their own financial gain. They can also make many lawyers rich in the process. God sees your lies. DON'T FUCK WITH GOD OR HE MAY FUCK WITH YOU. BE HONEST IN YOUR LIFE! LAIRS, CHEATS AND CROOKS ARE THE LOWEST FORM OF LIFE ON THIS PLANET AND JESUS WILL BE PICKING ON YOU COME JUDGEMENT DAY. THERE IS NO AMOUNT ON MONEY THAT MAKES A LIAR ANY LESS OF A LIAR. THERE IS NO AMOUNT OF MONEY THAT CAN BUY INTEGRITY. MAY A DARK CLOUD FOLLOW THESE PEOPLE ALL OF THEIR DAYS.

I bought a movie on Thursday night at Target. It is called "Extract." It is a Mike Judge (creator of Beavis and Butthead, Idiocracy, etc.) movie so I immediately thought it would be funny and I was looking forward to seeing it. I don't mind ruining it for you since I think I got hosed paying $20 for this crappy movie. The main character was a small business owner and the story in the movie was more or less supposed to be funny and exaggerate the perils of small business ownership. Sadly, as I watched it, I became pretty angry. Some of the situations were just stupid, but some of it was very close to my reality. One thing that wasn't anything to do with me was that the main character wanted to have an affair with a girl he met since he constantly complained about a lack of sex at home. So, in his drug induced haze he decided to bait his wife with a gigolo pool boy. His wife fell for it hook, line, and sinker and had sex with the guy. I finished the movie, but I was really disgusted with it. I think I might even throw it away. Where is our society at morally when we are supposed to think that shit is funny? What would our grandparents have said about this? Pathetic.

I truly don't mean to whine. It has been a long week. I know I am not dead and this isn't hell, but it isn't always fun. It seems I spend much of my time waiting for things in this world to improve. They may be, but not at a very fast pace. But, as each day passes, I am one day closer to things not being a fucking mess in my world, right?

I hope so.

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