Thursday, April 1, 2010


I have had a few things on my mind today.

1. I almost always wear boxer/briefs. In fact, I usually only wear black boxer/briefs. I don't think I own any boxer/briefs that aren't black. One thing is for sure: The extra money I spent on Adidas brand underwear in completely worth it. I have bought Merona and some other cheaper Target brand, but they both pale in comparison to Adidas. Now, I am so very happy with the Adidas brand that I am scared to try Hanes, Fruit-of-the-Loom or really any other brand. I know Charlie Sheen and Michael Jordan like Hanes, but will I? I don't know if I want to gamble with my hard earned money and find out. Sounds risky. It is hard to fix what isn't broke.

2. I really like Portishead. I know many people label the band as being trip-hop. I don't really know what that is supposed to mean. I suppose I am a poser fan of theirs since I have never done any acid and the label "trip-hop" implies an acid trip/rave party. I am also not a very good fan because I really only like a few songs. One thing is for sure, though. The songs that they perform that I like I do really intensely like. Sometimes. Unless I am in the mood for something else.

3. I think I am getting older because I forget a lot of things these days. I think part of it is that I get so bored with the same old day-to-day things. I don't mean disrespect, but I think much of the time I am barely paying attention to what is being said to me. I can't remember when I stopped listening in a more focused intent manner, but I think in the last couple years I have gotten progressively worse. Can I blame this on too many things on my mind at once? Is it just a different way to organize the wealth of daily data that I process? Do I just not really care what some people are saying most of the time? Is it father time telling me that I have a limit? Are there many things said to me really that require my intense focus to understand? I don't know.

4. I think for the most part a monkey could do my job, but I couldn't do a monkey's job. I couldn't be a monkey's uncle, either. In Russia, monkeys are astronauts. "The first ever monkey astronaut was Albert, a rhesus monkey, who on June 11, 1948 rode to over 63 km (39 miles) on a V2 rocket. Albert died of suffocation during the flight." (sourced from Wikipedia). If in 1948 monkey astronauts were trained and dying in Russia, I would think that by now the monkeys there are probably dying doing advanced physics. Maybe the monkeys there are dying reinventing the wheel. I guess my point is that monkeys flying in spaceships is probably harder than installing tires on cars most days. As a side note, if I were a monkey, I would not move to Russia.

5. I might spend too much time during my day being OCD and ADHD. Of course I was never formally diagnosed with either of these conditions, but sometimes I have a hard time staying focused and finishing thi

6. I spend about an hour of my work day today creating more car club plaques for the member less car club that I have. There was no meeting of any kind. There is no core group of founders. There isn't a base group of friends with similar interests. I created a plaque design and I like it, so I am going with that. I thought about the idea of a car club and I guess other then the benefit of having somebody to call when my junky cars break down, there really is no point to it. I don't know about you, but to make forty phone calls and try to plan an event with other people sounds suspiciously like work. I don't really think I am very interested in it. I don't really want to make a bunch more friends but my unwillingness doesn't come from an antisocial attitude. I simply don't think that I have enough time in my week to inject more social interaction. I like people as a general rule, but I also require some time away from people to recharge after my week of work. It was nice today welding up some more plaques. It was fun. But, after I was feeling really guilty because I could have been working on more important projects. So, good feeling for a bit followed by guilt. Sounds like eating a gallon of ice cream in a week. Good, but bad.

7. Somebody should make extensions for beards. I think I have been growing mine for almost a year and it still isn't very long. I did more or less shave it down pretty short last fall, but that was still months ago. I had a customer in the shop the other day that had a great looking longer beard. I was jealous. Also, I see my age is showing in that my beard is flecked with white. I am only a spry 36 years old. I should not be graying yet, should I?

8. I am really becoming more and more in love with the idea of my finished tattoo. The problem lies in that I am not very sure I want to sit for another 10 hours to get it done. Since I don't think I need to be purified by pain or anything, the time sitting getting tattooed seems to be a waste. Really, it is just a pain in the butt. For me, it is the sacrifice of the one day every other week I get to do what I want. I wish the sitting and getting tattooed was more pleasurable. Don't get me wrong, it isn't miserable. It just isn't what I would choose to do on my day off. As far as the pain goes, I was married for eleven years. I am used to excruciating pain. The pain is really non issue. But, time just keeps ticking away. When I go back in to get my tattoo finished, I will have one less day in my life to do something I really want to do.

Thursdays can be not only confusing, but discouraging.

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  1. Random thoughts on your random thoughts:

    I have become a big fan of Under Armour underwear. It kicks ass. I'm still fat and un-athletic, though.

    "Albert died of suffocation during the flight." It sounds like the monkey could do the monkey's job, so don't feel bad. lol!

    "the time sitting getting tattooed seems to be a waste. Really, it is just a pain in the butt."

    I thought the tattoo was on your arm?

    "Tattoos are cool."
    "Yeah, I wish I was born with one."
    "You're not born with tattoos, dumbass. You get them when you join the navy."
    Beavis & Butthead