Thursday, April 29, 2010

Things, but not to be confused with Swamp Things.

1. If you are a parent tending to your child's animals, keep in mind one thing about said animals: You cannot paint fish to match the fish that you starved to death. You can paint cats. You can paint dogs. Fish? Nope. You will likely have to use the "He was pretty old" excuse. Or, just let the kids cry about the fish being dead. They might get married someday so they should warm up to the idea of disappointment.

2. I haven't been too busy to write anything out lately. I just haven't been writing anything at all. I don't know if it is because work has been busier? Maybe it is because I have switched to diet pop [again]? Is it the fat from all the ice cream I have been eating clogging up my brain? I don't know. Whatever it is, I am feeling less intelligent by the minute and a general sense of boredom with the world around me.

3. I have watched four "Monsterquest" episodes about sasquatch, bigfoot, ape-man, mountain-man, and monkey-man. I don't know if such a thing exists or not. I saw a picture of a 500lb lake sturgeon that was supposed to be over 100 years old, so I guess anything is possible, right? All I know for sure is the whooping calls in the pitch black night scare the living crap out of me. If I would have witnessed that, I would have shit myself and then perhaps dropped dead. Aside from that, I think bigfoot is having an identity crisis since he/she has so many names. Maybe it's name is Steve. Or Sally. Maybe that's why he/she is so doggone camera shy? Hmm.

4. I am getting a hat addiction. Not with baseball caps, but like porkpies. I have a nice fedora and a nice porkpie right now, but I can't help but browse for hats online all the time. I know it is pointless for me to buy more hats because since I don't go out much. I rarely wear the ones that I have. I feel guilty for not wearing them more since they aren't what I would call cheap. For now, I have been pacifying myself with shopping for hats online, putting the ones I want in my cart, and then distracting myself and logging out [not to be confused with Kenny Loggins] before I order them. So far, so good.

5. I really feel a great sense of accomplishment when I get time to work on my own cars and I finish them. Since I work on cars for a living, I get plenty of time to work on cars and plenty of car repair jobs that I start and finish that create a sense of accomplishment within me. But, I am sorry to say, I like working on my stuff a lot more than I like working on yours. And, although your money is nice and all, I still prefer an environment that allows my projects to get done in a reasonable time.

6. I never feel like I get enough sleep. Well, I think I get too much sleep sometimes and then I get lethargic in the middle of the day because of it. It is a fine line. Many days I think I don't get enough sleep to function at wide-open-throttle for 11 hours so at about 3:30 PM, I am fighting to keep my eyes open. Too little sleep? Too much sleep? I don't know. Either way, I am either distracted by the resounding waves of sunlight caressing me through my window at 3:30 PM, or I have already fallen asleep and missed them completely. Is it possible to be ADHD and a narcolepic?

7. I must have moved up or down on the chains of evolution. I bought bread today for $1.50 a loaf out of the back of one of my customer's vans. She is a great lady and a super customer that has hit me up in the past to try some of this bread she gets from a bakery that she goes to. She came in today with a bunch of bread and I bought some. Syd and I had some of it for supper and it was really delicious. But, if I tell people that I buy my bread out of the back of a van, they might suspect that I am carrying the bread I just bought into my house that has wheels on it. The premise of buying bread out of a van that doesn't belong to a bakery sounds very white trashy. But, the bread is very good and I am thankful to have gotten a chance to try some. Also, if I can coax my customer into stopping by the next time she goes and gets bread, I will buy it again.

8. I really think I need a late 40's/early 50's Indian Chief. I want a crude, unrestored running original that I can ride around on. Is that too much to ask? Who was I in a former life that I am obsessed with all the transportation of the days gone by? This Indian motorcycle craving has been with me for years and I can't seem to shake it. But, on the same token, I still think that there is no engine that has the sound of a flathead Ford V-8 and I still know all of the lines of the cars of the 40's and 50's, so I guess why would I be any different about the bikes?

I originally started this posting as "20 things." Lucky for you I am getting tired and bored with typing all this crap out.

Thursday is just another day that isn't Monday, but that I still have a lot of work to do.

Peace out!

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