Wednesday, December 1, 2010


In this world I think most of us, if given a choice, would take the path of least resistance.  We would never have to fight to have what we want.  Well, there are some of you out there that would disagree, but I know that when you get home at night, you're alone, and there isn't anyone for you put your super-tough-as-nails face on for, you would agree.  We all, as a species, truly want peace.  We want low stress.  It is in our nature.

In this life many times we are presented with problems and situations that not only ask a lot from us, but sometimes way more than we ever thought we have to give.  Questions arise.  Why me? Why this?

Why do I always have my neck on the line?  Because you can.  Because your neck is tough.  It has been there before and has persevered.  If it hadn't, you wouldn't be here today.

Why am I always the one who has to give a little extra?  Because you can.  It is in your abilities to give a little extra maybe at a higher level than those others around you.  You can do it. 

Why is my life always put on hold for the needs of others?  Because you are able to give more in your life than they can.  You have the gift of giving of yourself at a higher level than some other people without having your life put into an upheaval in doing it.  If your life IS put into disarray because of it, you have the ability to recover quickly.  Be thankful for that gift.

Why am I always the one that has to forgive?  Because you can.  You have it in you to forgive.  You have it in you to see past the shortcomings or unfavorable actions or reactions of others and cut them some slack even though they may not return that slack to you.  But, you know it is okay because you look at the big picture and try not to trouble yourself with the petty.

Why do things always have to be so hard?  Because God knows what you can take and won't give you more than that.  Because you can survive almost anything.  You have spent your whole life training to continue your life.  Because instead of just looking like you are tough-as-nails, although you may not feel like it, you are tough as nails.

Why does it seem like I work so hard but never get ahead?  Every day you wake up and have a roof over your head and food in your mouth, it is a good day.  If you have people to share this day with, it is even a better day.  You have gotten ahead just by getting through your day.  You are a success.  Revel in it.

What am I supposed to do now?  Breathe.  Think.  Breathe some more.  There is a path.  There is a way.  You will find it.  You have always found it before.  You will find it again.  And, this path, whether it is right or wrong, is your path.  This is the way things are supposed to go.  This is what you are supposed to do.

What if I make a mistake?  Then you are human.  If the people that are important to you can't look past it, then you need to surround yourself with people that accept you as a human.  If you fall, you get back up, dust off, and continue.  That's what you do.

What is really important in this life?  Love. God. Kindness.  Family.  Friends.  It certainly isn't houses, cars, boats, jobs or anything else that could easily be burned, destroyed, or discarded as rubbish.  The moments we share with the people that care define our lives.  That's all there is to it.

This is what was on my mind today.

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  1. If that's true, I'll take that Stude off your hands....