Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Good enough?

One day at a time is what they say. I say it, too. I guess, I know all about this first hand. It was me in treatment a few years back. I know all about one day at a time. I know all about deciding what I am not going to do today. I don't know about tomorrow yet, but I know about today. I can live my life without plans. I can live my life without absolutes in my future.

Still, I wonder. What if today was your last "one day at a time?" Have you done enough? Have you said enough? Have you said enough of the right thing? Have you shared what was on your mind with your loved ones? Was this short, violent experience satisfactory enough for you? Are you able to live without seeing the rest of the world? Have you taken steps during your daily life to insure your satisfaction if it was all to end? Is any of it ever enough? Is our desire to do everything and have everything just another manifestation of our consumerism?

Everything is Amazing and Nobody is Happy

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If we are to never plan for a life more than one day in advance, why do we not pack light? Is this the proper way to look at our world? Is it all about finding a balance between a future plan and a current living life?

Which of these truly enriched your life? Was it the destination? Or, was it the road you took to get there?

I hope for a long road. It doesn't always have to be free from debris, but a few smooth patches would be nice.

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