Friday, November 12, 2010

I should have my head examined.

I need to have my head examined.  I think I do.  I do.

What's obsessive/compulsive disorder at its finest?  Apples.  Eating apples.  Eating a boatload of friggin' apples.  Eating 5-7 apples each and every day.  I have started to eat apples.  I have eaten more apples in the last month than I have my entire life.   Thanks to my friends that have introduced these babies into my life.  Thanks, guys.  Thanks a lot.

I suppose like any other OCD thing I do, this too will run its course.  Well, hopefully it does.  They will be out of season soon (some of them are already getting a little mushy in the store) and I certainly don't want to buy "imported" apples.  Where would out of season apples come from?  Why should I support some other countries' economy?  What $.25 a day child labor picked those apples?  Did they wash their hands first?  Do they have clean water to wash in at all?  It opens another complete can of moral worms to mull over.  And then, there will be the guilt associated with participating in the purchase of items that have been more or less harvested or created with slave labor.  Does feeling guilty and worrying about the morality of eating imported out-of-season fruits and vegetables outweigh the potential health benefits from the consumption of said fruits and vegetables in the first place? 

Or, in the purchase of imported out-of-season foods would I be making those fine people's lives better?  Could I be making their lives better?  If I purchase imported fruits and vegetables from them WOULD they buy clean water to drink and wash in (if they don't already have it) with their increased income?  Do they buy useful things at all?  Do they take better care of their health with their money?  Do they buy better shoes and clothes for their kids?  Do they get a better handle on health care that is maybe perhaps not always a necessity?  Do they go to the doctor for a check-up just because they can?  Do they go the the dentist?  Is purchasing anything from them a helpful, noble thing, or is it just another way the giant corporate beast gets its proverbial meal?


Thank God I tire of the same food quickly.  Whew!  I don't know if I can handle all of the stress from eating fresh fruit.

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