Thursday, October 11, 2012

Electile Dysfunction?

Tired of the election coverage yet?


Who knows what to believe? It's all spin, spin, and spin some more. The televison ads from both parties are ridiculous and misleading. Either candidate speaking is ridiculous and misleading.

Truth is, even if the "facts" are sourced from,, snopes, factcheck, fox, cbs, cnn, or msnbc we really don't know how factual they are. Every article/story is written from the author's point of view. Take Chris Matthews for example. Can you believe anything he says? Not really. Even though some of what he says might contain the truth, by the time it leaves his mouth it is spun into "facts" the way he sees them. He is very respected in the news media by many of his peers.

The biggest sales job that the media does in any election is distract the general public from the important real issues by emotionally involving them in trivial issues. I'm a very good salesman and I have been very successful in sales for many years, so I know a line of bullcrap when I see it. Every political ad I have see from either party is a line of bullcrap.

What's more important? Gay marriage or NDAA? Abortion rights or the destruction of our currency? Religious freedom or nation building?  A free phone or employment?  In regards to all of these things, who among us is willing to let fear and emotion take over rational thinking? Who is so short sighted that they cannot see past the carrot in front of their face?  The media wants to scare you into thinking that if we (the USA) don't police the world, we will die.  Or, that if we don't be sure to elect candidate "A", we will lose our rights when candidate "B" is elected even though both of the candidates are truly candidate "F". Fear and emotion is all the media spoon feeds Americans.

Don't get me wrong. I am all for American freedom in every area of our lives whether or not I advocate it or participate in it. The intended beauty of our system of government is that even if one group is radically against what the other group advocates, the two groups balance each other out in the end. We hope.

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